"Apotheosis of Democracy," the House Pediment

The marble sculptural pediment over the House entrance on the U.S. Capitol's East Front is called "Apotheosis of Democracy." In the center, an armed female figure representing Peace protectively extends her right arm over the youthful winged figure of Genius. To their sides are figures representing two great sources of wealth: to the left, Industry; to the right, Agriculture. Waves at either end of the sculpture symbolize the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. Paul Wayland Bartlett (1865-1925) modeled the figures in 1911-1914. The pediment was unveiled on August 2, 1916. The entire pediment is 80 feet long, its height at the center is approximately 12 feet, and the length of the sculpture is approximately 60 feet. The three sections of the plaster models from which the pediment was carved are displayed in the Capitol terminal of the subway leading to the Rayburn House Office Building.