Peace Painting

Peace (The White Squadron in Boston Harbor) was painted by Walter Lofthouse Dean in 1893. It depicts American warships performing exercises and maneuvers. Chicago, the largest ship, is in the foreground; behind her are the cruisers Atlanta, Boston, and Newark and the gunboat Yorktown. Other vessels and the city of Boston, including the Massachusetts State House dome and Bunker Hill Monument, appear in the distance. Peace was first hung in the Capitol in 1900, in the room of the House Committee on Naval Affairs. The painting remained with the committee throughout various relocations in the Capitol and, in 1919, to the Cannon House Office Building; Peace is now on view in room 311 and has been recently restored. Walter Lofthouse Dean (1854-1912) was born in Lowell, Massachusetts, and later established studios in Boston and Gloucester to paint fishing and harbor scenes. He is regarded as one of the leading American marine painters.